Carolina Trace Our Community Sandhills, NC

Trace People – Our Best Feature

Carolina Trace Our Community Sandhills, NCNothing compares to the feeling of hospitality and friendliness you’ll experience within the Carolina Trace community, which wouldn’t be possible without our wonderful members. Our community is not like most neighborhoods, where you see your neighbors occasionally and only say hi in passing. We are a true family here, where everyone is willing to go out of the way to help his or her neighbors.

Our residents are caring, supportive and considerate of one another. Trace people are the kind of people who bring you home-cooked meals when you’re sick, or rake leaves in your yard, just because. We take care of each other, making Carolina Trace more of a family than a neighborhood.

Variety of Residents

You will find that our community is made up of a variety of members, from retirees to families with children. With plenty of activities to take part in, Carolina Trace has opportunities for everyone, no matter what you are looking for in a community.

Retirees: Lots of our residents are retired and moved to Carolina Trace to enjoy the mild weather, high-level golf and supportive neighbors. It is a great community for those looking to stay active and social, while still relaxing and enjoying retirement.

Second-Home Owners: Many of our homeowners consider their house at Carolina Trace to be their second home. They spend some of their lives here and some of their lives in another home, possibly out of state.

Local Families: Local Sanford, NC, families who don’t want to wait until retirement to enjoy the privileges of living in our community often live in Carolina Trace. The local town of Sanford even has a bus that comes to Carolina Trace to pick up kids who go to school nearby.

Military Members: With Fort Bragg just a few miles away, many military men and women reside in Carolina Trace, enjoying the laid-back atmosphere and wide community of retired veterans. We also hold many events and services to recognize our beloved military men and women!

Get to Know your Neighbors

We host a variety of events and activities for members, both old and new, to get to know their neighbors. Outside of the regular organization meetings and fitness classes, we plan social get-togethers for our POAs, such as picnics and group golf outings. Some of the events include:

  • New member meet-and-greets every month
  • Educational seminars, such as financing, retirement preparation and estate planning
  • Trivia nights
  • Annual Trace Fest Block Party for local Sanford vendors to display and sell merchandise
  • Kid-friendly events, such as Easter egg hunts and trick-or-treating

Whether you are new to Carolina Trace or not, these events are great for members to make new friends and get involved.

You Don’t have to Live Here to Play Here

You can become a Carolina Trace member and live anywhere in the world. Whether you are drawn to the golf privileges of one of North Carolina’s finest private golf courses and tennis courts, or the social, cultural and volunteer activities of our community, joining the Club connects you with a wonderful group of members who value a socially active lifestyle.

For those who are considering membership at Carolina Trace, we offer a service called “Member for a Day,” which allows you to test out our community. You will have the opportunity to meet our friendly members and play a round of golf, experiencing what it is really like to be a part of Carolina Trace.

New Meaning to Community

When you join the Carolina Trace Community, you’ll quickly understand why so many residents move here and never leave. Whether you live here permanently or visit throughout the year, it’s always nice to know that your neighbors and friends are there for you at all times. Trace people give a whole new meaning to the word ‘community.’


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