Lake Trace Sandhills, NC

Lake Trace: 315 Acres of Natural Beauty

Lake Trace Sandhills, NCLake Trace is the landmark of the entire Carolina Trace community. As you enter the gated community, the beauty of the lake creates a sense of tranquility as the cares of the world seem to slip away in this calm and peaceful setting, with seven miles of shoreline and panoramic views of undisturbed hardwoods.

The 315-acre lake is ideal for pontoon boats, kayaks, canoes, sailing and fishing. As part of our environmental efforts, only electric motors are allowed on Lake Trace. Behind the Clubhouse is a marina where members dock their pontoon boats, allowing non-lakefront owners access to Lake Trace. The Club also has storage facilities for smaller boats.

Perfect for Water Activities of All Sorts

Lake Trace was formed by damming water of the Upper Little River several decades ago. Stocked with a variety of fish, including bass, bream and catfish, Lake Trace has yielded a number of record-sized catches. Those hauls have extended beyond Lake Trace as well, one of the many ponds throughout the community once held the national record for a sunfish catch.

Members can enjoy fishing along the shore, or out on the 315 acres of the lake from boats, canoes or kayaks. Many of our members are also part of TUFF, or the Trace Union of Fervent Fishermen, which provides a close-knit community for local fishing enthusiasts. So no matter how you enjoy fishing or water sports in general, Lake Trace is the perfect location for all waterfront activities.

Property with a View

Our real estate office offers beautiful lakeside properties with stunning views of Lake Trace. Many of our residents already enjoy living next to the lake, giving them access to Lake Trace at all times. For those who have personal pontoons and kayaks, or just enjoy fishing from their own backyard, living by the lake may be the ideal property for you.

In addition to the properties available around Lake Trace, the Carolina Trace Country Club has amazing views of the water as well. The Club, located on the shore of the lake, overlooks the water, with the lakeside golf course located nearby. No matter whether you have property along the shore, are hanging out at the Country Club, playing a round of golf or just taking a walk around the lake, all our members have a way to enjoy Lake Trace.

Whether you enjoy water activities, are looking for a lake house or just want a waterfront view in the Sandhills region of North Carolina, Lake Trace has lakeside property that can’t be beat.


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